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Business Networks

Designing a Reliable & Secure Network for your Business!


Includes detailed systems analysis of your existing network infrastructure or your proposed structure and your business requirements.


Specifying the physical connectivity of your LAN, including the cables, the cable management components, the location of PCs and printers and how everything is tied into a central server location.


When deciding on the specification of your servers, you’ll want to consider: your operating systems, applications, backup power supplies and server configuration to the network.

Network Components

Working with you to specify your network interface cards (NIC’s), hubs, switches, print servers, Internet routers and remote access servers (RAS’s) for any users working from home or on the road.


Deciding on the operating system (OS) that the network will be based on and the applications you’ll need to run over the network to get the full benefit from your network configuration.


We know that today this is a very important part of your network infrastructure. We will consider external access to the internet and/or extranet users and how to guard against external attacks by hackers and how to protect your systems content.

Final Testing

Before your new system goes live, we test it with systems already in place, ensuring that its functionality and performance will meet your requirements.

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