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Multimedia Informing by Entertaining

Intuitive Interface Design

The Internet is inherently a visual medium, a website based solely on textural content would be memorable only for its dullness! Pictures bring a site alive but skill is needed in creating graphics that enhance rather than detract from the intention of the site. Recognition of the present narrow bandwidth of mobile devices has to be taken into account. Our designs take all of these factors into account to create sites that navigate in a quick and logical way.

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Built on a Powerful Framework allowing Integration into any back-end Software

Aimed squarely at both Sales and Letting Agents. Pro Estate Agent is a simple and cost-effective way of managing residential property for sales, long-term rentals, holiday rentals and rent to buy properties.

Using our intuitive cloud-based interface it enables an Estate Agent to instantly launch a fully-branded professional property website. Estate Agents can also automatically upload thousands of real properties to their Pro Estate Agent website via our property sharing partnership.

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